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F4 Enterprises Inc. (F4) thanks you, our customer, in advance for giving us the opportunity to work for you. We strive to provide quality work and exceptional customer service. F4 will treat the contracted areas for the specified scope of work at the stated fee.   


F4 will thoroughly complete work or make arrangements to complete the job within the specified time. However, F4 has no control over environmental factors, and may need to reschedule the work for a time when conditions are favorable.  


After we finish the work, F4 will give you a spray application record with appropriate safety precautions, including grazing and harvest intervals.  


The chemicals applied by F4 may take as long as two weeks to display symptoms or effectively kill weeds.    


F4 will make every reasonable effort to warranty/guarantee work, if you notify F4 of any potential warranty within 3 weeks after the date of F4’s last application.  You understand that with release of weed competition, new grasses will flourish; however it is possible for new weeds to take the place of the old.    You also accept that seasonal rains can also allow for dormant weed seeds to germinate in the months following an application. F4 will not provide warranty if weeds have been mowed within 3 weeks before or after F4’s application. F4 will make every effort to satisfy your requests within these parameters.   


Thank you again for selecting F4 Enterprises Inc. to serve you.   

Terms & Conditions

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